A little about me.

I have had a love of cooking and food from a very young age. I learned to cook because my Mother was and still is a busy career woman and I wanted to make different dishes besides my Mothers repetoire of evening meals. My Grandmother was an excellent cook and I remember enjoying and watching her make Spaghetti Bolognese, and Braised Lamb Shanks. This began my passion for food. I also have a love of good wine that is so readily available to us here in the Bay Area.

I have worked for over 20 years in the Hospitality Industry. Starting in the front of the house at some of San Francisco's best restaurants. I always seemed to gravitated toward the back kitchen where I saw the Chef's and kitchen staff creating their culinary magic. I was lucky enough to go work along side a master baker and chef in Florence, Italy at his open air restaurant.

I have taken extensive Cooking classes in Italy as well as Cooking classes at the Cordon Bleu School in Pasadena, California and Paris, France. So my experience in Hospitality and Cooking have come full circle and that is how Cucina Anastacia was born. I will always use the very best Organic Vegetables, Meats and Whole Grains from local farms when ever possible to create the healthiest most delicious meals and desserts for my clients.

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